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As per refund policy of the college (Based on UGC/PU rules) already shared on the portal, refunds are closed w.e.f 1st November, 2022. Applications received till 31st October, 2022 are being processed as per the policy.

Refund Application Form

Refund Policy Session 2022-23

Refund process for the session 2022-23

  1. Student applying for refund have to download the refund form from the site.
  2. Submit the filled form and fee receipt to refund@davchd.ac.in.
  3. The refund of fee will be done according to the fee refund policy 2022-23.
  4. The mode of payment is through cheque only in the name of applicant.
  5. The cheque has to be collected from the college office 21 days after the submission of refund application.
  6. The mode of applying for refund is through this email id only. Only applications received from the registered Email Id of the candidate will be entertained. No other means will be considered for applying for refund.
  7. Refund form attachment and receipt attachment are mandatory.